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Bridging the gap between strategy conceived and strategy executed by
aligning the goals of WatersEdge Wealth Management to the needs of your customers.
What Clients Have Said
Case Studies
Rebrand for an ​Animal Advocacy Organization​

Developed a welcoming, supportive, and empowering  voice and visual identity to support individuals adopting a vegan diet.

 Results: Increased engagement online and events
Rebrand for the Largest Midwest Plant-based Festival
Developed a new identity that communicates food and fun. The problem I solved was decreasing brand confusion due to misinterpretation of the event based on the previous identity. 

Results: 10,000+ attendees (year of rebrand).
My Process

Since 2009, I’ve executed visual communication for the arts/entertainment, public health, and education sector. 

I’m here to manifest your purpose and inspire your audience through brand identity that’s relevant and enduring.

Teaching & Mentoring

Since 2011, I’ve taught ages 13-30 at various schools. I’ve also developed curriculums in Songwriting and Video Editing.

 My passion as a teacher is the holistic growth and development of those I'm entrusted with. 
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