In 2019, African Americans were almost two times more likely to die from drug overdose than whites.ª

With this data, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) required prevention efforts to include a racial equity lens to address the race rate disparity within African American and American Indian populations.
How do you create authentic messaging void of boring and lifeless facts?

Create honest connections through art and storytelling. Russell Herder, the partner agency working with MDH, hired me to create authentic messaging that resonated on a personal level.
People need to be reminded recovery is possible.

I wrote and co-produced “Set You Free”, an upbeat, life-affirming song rooted in unconditional love.The song is broken up in a verse, chorus, bridge format. We decided to break the verses up into two different perspectives. 

The first verse of the song. It's coming from the perspective of a family member who has been hurt by their loved one who is addicted to opioids.The second verse is from the perspective of someone who is addicted to opioids and they're talking to their loved one. 

Having family members talk to each other in a song was important because the best way to overcome your addiction of opioids is through the help of your family. With that support, with that unconditional love without that is much harder to try to.
Song Development 
Music Production
Client: Russell Herder
RH Team: Brian Herder, Craig Christiansen, and Daniel Joyce

Music & Lyrics: Nami Niree (Danami & Niree) 
Performance: Danami featuring Chrissy T and MaLLy
Guitar: Trevor Weist
Mixed: Brady Moen, Hideaway Studios
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