Before we move forward, does your company meet the following criteria? 
✅  Your company’s work tackles a social issue(s),

✅  You’re seeking a long-term strategic engagement instead of a one-off vendor

✅  The decision maker, with budget authority, agrees to be in the sales process

✅  Since we only work with a small number of new clients every year, can your company spend at or above our minimum level of engagement (project typically  between $10K — $20K and annual fees typically between $75K – $125K)

If you’ve said yes to all four criteria, please continue. 
Next Steps

01. Schedule Consultation
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02. Phone Call
This call is to learn about each other, discover your obstacles, and determine if we're fit (price, time, and availability) for each other.

03. Proposal or Referral
Finally if we're a fit, I'll email you a proposal based on our discussion. If we're not a fit, I'll try my best to make a suitable referral.
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