Conflict itself isn’t a problem but dealing with conflict effectively is key to a healthy democracy.

During my tenor at Community Blueprint, I led the creative direction for this project with the Minnesota State Office of Dispute Resolution (OCDR).  I helped craft two films to show the impact of OCDR on new state legislators.
Harness the power of storytelling.

The Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution (OCDR) uses a collaborative processes and the science of human relations to help government and stakeholders improve relationships, build trust, and develop wise and durable solutions to seemingly intractable issues. The process is in-depth and conceptually hard to grasp without witnessing it in action.

We retraced the steps of their work during the unrest caused by the shooting of Philando Castile. We interviewed and filmed participants of the collaborative process to harness their words and true experiences to create a powerful story. 
Story Development
Film Production
Role: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator
Produced at: Community Blueprint
Client: Minnesota State
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